Two weeks!  Two weeks I have been doing this yeast free business and this morning of all mornings it hit me.  Like a heroin addict with the junkie itch, I was jonesin’ HARD CORE for some carbohydrates this morning!  Oh my crap!!  It was unreal.  I could feel it in my blood.  I woke up sweating.  I was seriously crabby and pissed that everyone else got to have cereal this morning and I was chopping veggies for my egg scramble.  Wait I just remembered I guilted Mr. Ying into chopping them for me.  I was angry about not putting creamer in my coffee allowing that sweet elixir of life to run down my throat making a warm spot in my tummy.  I was angry around 3:00 when everyone else got to have flavor blasted fishy crackers and I was eating more spaghetti squash with sauce.  So then it started.  I knew I could make the recipe for my quinoa pancakes.  I knew that I could eat them plain and be able to knock down some calories that way.  It was on!  Like Donkey Kong!

I mixed them up and slapped them on the griddle.  There they were all golden brown and lovely.  They were talking to me letting me know that soon, very soon they would be ready for me.  I could feel the itch.  I could feel the wanting.  No!  The NEEDING!  Then I started to eat, and eat, and eat. It was only two but man they were awesome!  Then there was the staring at the tuna casserole for dinner and the thinking to myself that I could easily clean that up no problem.  I actually took my fork and fake ate three bites because I knew if I actually ate it I would finish the whole dish.  So I thought to myself, “I can have some more pancakes.”  So more pancakes I had.  I even topped it with applesauce.  Then the overwhelming nausea hit me as I became suddenly very bloated from quinoa and brown rice flour.  I hit the plate one too many times.  Now I am blah, blah, blah.

So next time I need an intervention!  I need a sponsor!  I need to step away from the kitchen.  Ugghhh!  This is hard.  But another day awaits me.  Tomorrow I will treat myself to some coconut milk in my coffee.  Yum! Yum!


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    Charity said:

    Apr. 1, 2011

    CALL ME WOMAN!!!!! You know I’ll keep you in line! ;o)

    Nikki Brown said:

    Apr. 1, 2011

    Been there, done that. (Found I was great at the cheating part.) I feel your pain. Maybe we could help each other, I’m going off gluten after the break. Thanks for another laugh.

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