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Mar. 28, 2011 2 Comments Posted under: Uncategorized

Hey guess what?  My butt is still black and blue and swollen and banana bump-ish and now a green color.  Feels much better though thanks for asking.  It probably would be much better if I would stop snowboarding but that would just be crazy talk. 

I am really getting into the century training now with my longer rides starting to put on the mileage.  Saturday I rode 40 miles and actually felt pretty strong to the end!  My route concludes with a mass-assive climb in the last mile which is always a fun way to end the ride.  The thing is this hill/mountain happens to be right next to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver.  Nice patio + good margaritas + veggie fajitas = happy Yang!  Every single time I start what feels like a stairway to heaven climb I really have to convince myself that stopping for a nice adult beverage/chip and guac combo would not be what my body needs most at that moment. 

Yeah, so the century training is coming along nicely as of right now. 

Woke up way too early yesterday and saw that the mountains got 4-6 inches of fresh powder and would be getting more throughout the day.  “Woop woop I want to get to 10 days of boarding this season” even though as I was walking around getting ready for the day I could feel my legs were a bit sore/tired.  “Eh gotta get in at least one more day before snowboarding season is over though and man what a workout this could be”. 

Long story short. 

Tired legs = Delayed reactions.  Snowing by the buckets = Difficult to navigate.  Overcast = No visibility. 

By mid day I was exhausted and my quads were just useless.  I felt like I had nothing in me to give so what did I do?  I ate a banana and decided to go back up for a couple of more runs just to really “get my workout” for the day. 

And this is what happens when you are too tired, snowing buckets, can’t see where you are going, and decide to go for “just one more run”.

Goggles smashing into your eye ball feels really awesome.  Had a nice amount of blood running down my face when I finally came to a stop from my skidding face plant.  At first I was scared to take off my goggles in case my eye ball was hanging out.. seriously this happened to my third grade teacher (not from snowboarding) but still I always remember that. 

Unfortunately I was still near the top of the mountain and had a ways to snowboard to get cleaned up, exam the eye socket, and apply some snow.  When I got to my car I took a look at the face and decided that perhaps I should be done for the day/season.  The sick thing is on the drive home I thought “hmm should I have kept going to really burn those calories?”  SICK I TOLD YOU!

Here is the moral of the story and broken face.  Listen to your body not your crazy calorie counting head.

Today I know how Tina Turner feels and am trying to remind myself to keep “rollin on the river”.


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    sarah said:

    Mar. 31, 2011

    you are such an inspiration, black eye and all!!!!

    fatgirlsrun said:

    Mar. 31, 2011

    by inspiration you must surely mean a classic “what not to do” example! I don’t recommend faceboarding by any means! Kids, don’t try this at home!

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